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Exotic Fruit Powders Overview

Flavor Profiles/Benefits:

Cupuaçu is considered the national fruit of Brazil and is related to the cacao tree. The Cupuaçu fruit is comparable to its cacao relative having a rich, chocolate flavor with hints of tropical fruit such as melon or pineapple. Cupuaçu is high in antioxidants, essential nutrients, and vitamins. 

Graviola, or soursop, is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. It has a slightly sour taste that packs a good source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and many other vitamins and minerals. 

Maqui berries have a tart flavor similar to blackberries and cherries. The fruit is more popular in its powder form than its raw berry form, where it can be easily incorporated and sweetened in recipes. The Maqui fruit is considered a Brazilian superfood because of its high antioxidant content.

Red Pitaya (also known as dragon fruit) is a tropical fruit from the cactus family. The flavor is sweet with slight earthy notes. Red Pitaya contains high amounts of fiber, minerals, and vitamins, especially vitamin C.

  • Products Packaging:

    • Pack: Spray-dried: 
      Food-grade polyliner 20-25kg/fiber drum

      Aluminum bag 10kg/box

    • Applications:

      Blend into healthy food products such as smoothie bowls, nutrition bars, baked goods, or dietary supplements. Mix into beverages such as smoothies, teas, sports and energy drinks, flavored waters, etc. Explore our Recipes page for more ideas, the possibilities are endless!



Cupuaçu Spray-dried Powder 2:1

Cupuaçu Spray-dried Powder 4:1

Graviola Spray-dried Powder 2:1

Graviola Spray-dried Powder 4:1

Organic Maqui Berry Freeze-dried Powder

Red Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Freeze-dried Powder

 Products with inventory in the U.S. warehouse, all other products typically need minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500kg unless under supply agreement.
(s) Sample is available upon request

Scientific Name

Theobroma grandiflorum

Theobroma grandiflorum

Annona muricata

Annona muricata

Aristotelia chilensis

Hylocereus polyrhizus