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Healthy Ingredients. Healthy Life.

At ABrazil, we believe that "you are what you eat." We want to actively consume high-antioxidant natural foods that can help us live long and healthy lives. We seek to promote and restore health through our full range of natural products.

Our mission is to make these natural products exclusive to Brazil, more accessible to you and your customers. Through our advanced technologies, we can supply naturally preserved, high-quality products. The goal of incorporating these Brazilian superfoods into your daily diet is to help improve your health and overall quality-of-life.

A drawing of acai

President, Tony Chuang in Brazil 2012

Our History

From Brazil, to the world.

Since 2002, ABrazil has been bringing high-quality ingredients to the United States from the Amazon.

Owner Tony Chuang was inspired to start ABrazil shortly after his father passed away from Cholangiocarcinoma, which is a bile duct cancer. The tumor was likely to have formed from years of pesticide exposure from working on a farm in Brazil.

Since then, Tony has devoted his life to healthy ingredients. From this experience, he realized that we continuously consume chemicals without even knowing it! Although the chemicals we consume from artificially produced or preserved food may not be as harmful as pesticides, research has shown that such foods weaken our bodies. He believes that if we consistently consume natural vitamin-rich products, we can proactively prepare our bodies to fight viruses and diseases.

Today, ABrazil continues to expand throughout Asia, Brazil, and the United States. Our team is comprised of farmers and manufacturers based in Brazil, and our administrative and warehouse staff in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


We are dedicated to preserving the Amazon rainforest, where are superfoods are sourced, and harvesting our products sustainably. That is why we are proud to say that our products are IBAMA-certified. IBAMA is a federal agency that works under the Brazilian Ministry of Environment. They are responsible for ensuring the preservation and conservation of Brazil's natural resources, with the goal of improving and restoring the environmental quality of Brazil. Our IBAMA certification ensures our company's harvesting and production practices are done so sustainably and are consistent with these conservation efforts.


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