Açaí Powders

The Açaí Palm tree is native to Northern Brazil and it is known for the small purple berries that grow from it. The Amazonian “beauty berry,” or the açaí berry, has become famous worldwide for being extremely rich in antioxidants and healthy fats (omegas 3, 6 & 9).  Benefits of these omegas includes improving strength of the skin, hair, and nails. Further studies show that consuming enough antioxidants can strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation in the body, which in return promotes longevity.

A drawing of acai

Acerola Powders

The Acerola is a bright red cherry-like fruit grown from a bushy shrub, native to tropical regions of the Western Hemisphere. It is low in calories but a great source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. In fact, this fruit is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, providing 50-100 times more vitamin C than oranges and lemons. Acerola is slowly becoming more well-known in the food and health industry for the immunity benefits it carries.


Camu-Camu Powders

The Myrciaria dubia, commonly known as Camu camu, is a fruit found on shrubs that grow along riverbanks flooded areas of the Amazon rain forest. It has grown in popularity worldwide due to the many health benefits it carries. The fruit is packed with high contents of vitamin C and antioxidants. Some health benefits may include reducing of inflammation, reduce weight, improve blood sugar levels, antimicrobial properties, and healthier blood pressure.

A drawing of camu-camu

Guaraná Extracts

Guaraná is a plant native to the Amazon basin. The guaraná has large leaves and flowers, but it is best known for the seeds within the fruit. Guaraná seeds contain about twice the caffeine found in coffee beans. It is commonly used to counter obesity, improve athletic and mental performance, increase energy, and much more.

Fruit Juice Powders

Fruit Juice Powders are more practical than their fresh fruit counterparts. The benefits include having a longer shelf life and more accessibility to essential vitamins and minerals. Get to know the wide range of custom blended fruit juice powder that ABrazil has to offer. Our products range from well-known domestic fruits, such as lime and peach, to more tropical fruits, such as guava, passionfruit, and many more.

Exotic Fruit Powders

ABrazil ensures high-quality raw ingredients and freeze-dried products. Our natural ingredients ensure our customers get the most nutrient-filled ingredients.



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